Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

The Corsair K70 RGB is a beautiful design, and an almost perfect keyboard with the original Cherry MX switches key, and a colorful rainbow backlit.

After many years of evolution, Corsair delivered the K70 RGB Mk-2 and paid for its efforts.

The K70 RGB Mk-2 is beautiful, functional, and versatile. At $ 180, it is one of the most expensive gaming consoles on the market, and a valuable mark is a business for some buyers. With a robust system and advanced shortcut keys, this keyboard is a worthy investment that improves your gaming experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with other Corsair Wireless OR systems or game consoles, you won’t be able to imagine a better device than KGB RGB.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough...
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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough...
  • Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. Keyboard Connectivity : Wired
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback allow access to up to three stored profiles on the go, independent of external software
  • Per key dynamic multi color RGB backlighting offers near unlimited color customization and control; 100percentage anti ghosting with 104 key rollover on...


The K70 RGB Mk-2 is similar to the cheaper Corsair Strafe RGB Mk-2. Like the penalty, the K70 has a Big size keyboard. The wrist is 17 x 6 inches or 17 x 9 inches. There is no free space on the beautiful black chassis. It provides a comfortable fit between the keys, while many devices are the same, less than an inch.

The chassis has aluminum over the K70 Mk-2 and Mk-2 variants, not plastic. It may not be as expensive as $ 30, but it will undoubtedly keep the keyboard longer and be remodeled. The K70 Mk-2 takes place in sports and offices, and the light stroke created a great feeling.

In addition to much relevant information and a wheel instead of a smart key. The K70 RGB Mk-2 includes a USB key and some keys to control locks, brightness, and data. Some environmental switches are useful for FPS and MOBA games. The location is changed by default but can adjust between different soft and formatted numeric keys.


Corsair never abandons mainstream corners on key switches and offers the first Cherry MX, but nothing else. Options are often limited for any reason. There is also greater offer Strafe and only two types of key-switch exchanges.

The K70 RGB Mk-2, one of the most satisfying comforts I’ve seen so far, had to pick from five switches such as fast, red, brown, cold, and my favorite, the blues isn’t happy.

It takes a long time to detect the difference between all the keys. I am saying that you like one of them.

From slow line buttons to big buttons, loud sounds, and more, the K70 RGB Mk-2 offers something for all types of players. It is working to decrease the cost of this service; If you are lucky, other keyboard shortcuts provide one or two keys.


The K70 RGB Mk-2 runs on the Corsair Utility Motor (CUE), which has been criticized for its many features and clarity. With so much of this software and a little bit of it, I put myself on the side of praise.


I noticed a K70 Mk-2 from Overwatch, StarCraft, Remastered, and Baldur Gate. Going to World Warcraft is recommended to see how it works in different conditions. No wonder the buttons work like in a dream. Using the cleared hand action key and answer key, you can defeat the Overwatch enemies with StarCraft’s two settings. The key varies from one form to another, and when working on experiments, the key makes it easy to play your favorite music or podcast in the game. (We think we didn’t.)

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Aside from the high price and real software, the new Corsair keyboard is second to none. I hope the company can find another wireless device, and I’m sure the company will review, upgrade, and upgrade over time, but the K70 Mk-2 is close to the perfect gaming keyboard for under $30. This is true because I can imagine this picture.

The K70 RGB Mk-2 with excellent light type, the durable grip is attractive and affordable to use. Do the research and determine which type of key is right for you and expect a high-priced experience.

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