FILCO MAJESTOCH 2 Keyboard Review

The Filco Camo Majestouch-2 paid the first IBM Space Saving 85 keyboard, which combined Mechanical keyboards and IBM with computer standards in the mid-1980s. Emotions are felt in this design camera and photo. Specifications such as 87 keys, washable cover, Cherry Blue MX keys Switches, and USB Braided cable cord and metal bottom plate.

The $ 165 price tag can result in a built-in keyboard for those who see the keyboard as a feature. Cassette lovers, geek hackers, and anyone seeing for a specific varnish mechanical keyboard player will discover the Filco Camo Majestouch 2 keyboard tool helpful.

FILCO MAJESTOCH 2 Keyboard Review

The folks at Keyboard Corporation sent me the most advance and New generation Majestouch-2, which relate for review, and you can see the entire 104-key model in the online store. The numeric keypad on the right is added.

However, the version without a keyboard saves space for users who do not have access to large numbers, as there is less space to move the hand between the mouse and the keyboard. In response to the limit, using the F1 key as a second control over the media, the access key reaches F3 and the way it approaches F5 to F8.

The integrated interface displays the same Windows key to the right of the field to the left of the standard Ctrl, Fn, and Alt keys.

Black buttons show a pleasant contrast with yellow and brown woven fabrics. Filco has a switch that provides a visual interface for typists looking for digital homes at high F and J levels, and Olive, W, A, S, and D are other sources.

You can find the name Filco only on the keyboard, on the bottom right, under the four-way, and in the footer below the given window, Another corner. Finally, Filco offers a large 5-meter-long wireless cable, politely covered with nylon, and a convenient USB port that will make it easy to access your computer from anywhere.

The keys are of Filco itself, which is no drier than the Das keyboard, and thanks to its clear and bright display and excellent grip. I am not convinced if I have been using Filco for more than a month, but I doubt that the slave sticker will disappear if the “filo” of the slave is printed or written.

FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard
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FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard
  • Switch type: Cherry MX Brown
  • Keycaps: Black Pad Printed ABS
  • LED Backlighting: none


Then I set an eye for backlit, but now I give it. I was happy to find all the positive aspects of lighting appearance on my desk, but not the best. So, I’m talking about a simple and elegant look, even if I want a backlit keyboard, I don’t have it right now.


There is a lot of doubt about other options for a mechanical keyboard for gamers, but for me, there are not many options here – specifically the “gaming” keyboard. Most of them are useless. If someone asks me what the best answer for the keyboard is, I will let them know.

Filco Meijstouche-2, Tankless, like a small keyboard. It may feel like there are no bells and whistles, but in the right way, no problem.

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