Gateron Black vs Yellow – What Are the Differences?

As we all know that there is already a great range of varieties of keyboard switches available in which the constant addition of new switches not just expands the switch market to the largest but as well accelerates the level of challenge to pick the best one.

With that said, it is difficult to know every detail about the different switches’ performance and characteristics. To make it easier for the people looking for the best switches, we will try comparing the two most popular switches to give you an idea about which one is the best pick.

In this post, we are going to compare gateron yellow vs gateron black which is the most famous type of switch, offering a wide range of options and colors for mechanical keyboard users.

Let’s begin this Gateron Black vs yellow comparison to find which linear switch option is better for you:

Difference Between Gateron Black & Gateron Yellow

Actuation force is however the most prominent difference between these two linear switches but before starting a thorough comparison in regards to gateron black vs. yellow sound, performance, durability, typing experience, feel, etc. we should get to know them separately.

Gateron Black Switches

gateron black switchesThese are low-noise linear switches with a lighter actuation force of just 60g or 60 cN. Gateron black is a low-force switch that provides a linear feel. These are noiseless enough to be used in noise-restricted environments.

Although the operation force required for gateron black is highest amongst all types of Gateron switches still they provide pretty much stronger feedback. The smooth key feel offered by gateron black makes it a good choice for both typing and gaming.

Cherry MX black and Gateron black switches have various similarities therefore both are often compared due to the same linear behavior and actuation force. Whereas, the lower travel distance and low sound operation of black switches make it better than Cherry MX black.

For those who like to use heavier switches that are linear, smooth, and silent, Gateron black can be the finest pick for them. Gateron black provides consistent actuation & feel all across the keycaps well without any notable bounce upon key pressing.

These are the type of switches very responsive with smooth clicks whereas the low sound upon typing makes them a good choice to be used in college/school, libraries, offices, meeting rooms, etc.

Gateron Yellow Switches

gateron yellow switchesThe company named ‘Gateron’, origin in China, are producing Gateron yellow switches, these switches are the imitation of Cherry MX Red. Gateron yellows are the silent switch that requires 50gf of actuation force. The switches with linear performance are quite similar to Cherry MX Red switches as both are silent switches that require the same actuation force.

The yellows in terms of clearer and stronger responses lie in the middle of red and black switches by Gateron. As yellows are a bit heavier and more forceful than the Gateron reds therefore those enthusiasts who want switches to be somewhat heavier and silent loved gateron yellows.

These yellow switches by gateron provide satisfying smoothness and absolute quiet clicks offer wonderful performance and an amazing typing experience. The light touch of switches gives you satisfying and pleasing key presses.

Gateron yellows linear switches are light and easier touch-typing key switches while the lower actuation force certainly makes these keys one of the better choices in the switches market.

Gateron Yellow Switches vs. Gateron Black Switches – Comparison

  • Typing Feel

However, there are not many differences between the gateron yellows and gateron blacks but a difference in typing feel is the prominent factor of comparison. Gateron blacks are the switches having a noticeable heavier feel as compared to yellow switches. The soft feel of yellow switches makes them fun to type with.

Although it is less likely with heavy key switches to put up input errors whereas the case with light switches is totally different, ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference rather than right or wrong.

  • Durability

Durability is the key factor when it comes to the heavy use of mechanical switches for gaming and rigorous daily tasks. Gateron Black and yellow switches offer excellent durability, both key switches provide a keystroke lifespan of more than 50 million clicks.

  • Noise

Unlike gateron black, yellow gateron switches offer silent clicks however the keys are not created to be quiet, it is because these linear switches need the lowest force for actuation.

Even so, some other factors affect the noise of switches that involve keyboard plates, keycaps, keyboard mounting style, and switches housing within the keyboard.

  • Performance

In terms of typing performance, both black and yellow present different experiences as mentioned above due to variance in typing feel both offered different typing performances. While typing you feel the black key switches stiffer than the yellows as gateron blacks need enough force to actuate.

Typists or those who need to type fast will not like gateron black switches that need to press with more force for activation. However, gateron yellows are soft-touch keys & people who like to type faster will love these switches.

Still, the key switch better for you is mainly depending on your typing style and preference.

  • Gaming Performance

If you are considering switches for gaming, linear switches are substantially the best option, in this context both gateron yellows and blacks are the finest choices.

Therefore, Gateron switches are considered the favorite for mechanical keyboards. Based on an individual’s hobbit the heaviest gateron black can be exceptionally well or bad for playing games.  Using black switches will help you limit input errors during gaming sessions as they need more actuation force.

On the other hand, yellows provide smooth keystrokes, accuracy, and the best response time, which lead to pleasant gaming performance. Gateron yellows are good for gaming certainly but the performance of gateron black will not offend you while gaming. If you are faced with the choice of which gateron switch is better for a mechanical keyboard, do not be troubled they both perform brilliantly for gaming.

Final Words – Gateron Black vs. Yellow

With some minor differences, both Gateron black, and gateron yellows in terms of design, typing feel, and performance are almost at the same level. The factors of actuation force, sound, and feel are however a noticeable difference between both types of switches.

Those who like light switches will enjoy the soft and smooth feel of Gateron yellow switches as they would help them greatly with fast typing. If you like your keyboard switches to be hard and responsive, you will feel comfortable typing with Gateron black switches.

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