How to Print Screen on Logitech Keyboard K360

Since the compact size and Fn key dual functionality, it is pretty standard for the users to search how to print screen on Logitech keyboard 360 without much hassle. Taking a screenshot is not rocket science these days, but ever-changing design and layouts can confuse the users for the most part. For most users, Windows key + Shift + S can work perfectly. However, to execute the commands and to utilize them for the Logitech K360 keyboard, a detailed overview can help the users better.

We have compiled this brief guide about taking screenshots using the Logitech keyboard print screen function. You can learn about taking a screenshot for Windows and MacBook as there is a slight change in the execution of the commands. There are third-party apps for taking screenshots, which we will explain later at the end of this read. Take a cup of tea while we explain to you to print the screen on Logitech keyboard K360 in easy and understandable steps.

How do you Print Screen on Logitech Keyboard on Windows

Taking a screenshot using a print screen is straightforward as it does not involve any complex details. However, you need to understand that it functions differently for the Logitech K360 keyboard as it does not have a Print Scr button accessible on direct key press. It only activates when you use it with the combination of the Fn key and Print Scr button.

To perform the print screen, you need to press the Fn key present in the bottom row of the keyboard. Then locate the home button on the upper row of Numpad. It also has written Print Scr on it in yellow text. Press the Fn key and Home/Print Scr key to print the screen on the Logitech K360 keyboard on Windows. You can even revamp keys by setting up macros. Read our guide on G keys in the keyboards.

How to take a screenshot on Logitech Keyboard on Windows

To take the screenshot using the Logitech K360 keyboard, press the combination of Windows key and prnt Scr. You need to press the Fn key making the working combination to Fn + Windows Key + Prnt Scr buttons. If you don’t want to take a screenshot of the whole screen, pressing the Fn + Windows Key + Alt + Prnt Scr will do magic. It will only capture the active screen ignoring all the unnecessary details you don’t need in the screenshot.

Logitech keyboard print screen will efficiently work once you have pressed the required combination of keys. However, you can even use the onscreen keyboard for taking the screenshot. It is conducive when your keyboard has issues pressing the key simultaneously. Pressing the keys using an onscreen keyboard also provides the same result using Logitech Keyboard K360.

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How to Screenshot on Logitech Keyboard on Mac

The key combination is slightly changed on Mac than taking a screenshot on Windows. You can press Shift + Command +3 to take the screenshot. If you don’t want to capture the whole screen and take only specific parts of the screen, pressing Shift + command + 4 + Spacebar can work like a charm. It helps to capture any app and menu you want to snap easily. 

How to Print Screen on Logitech Keyboard using 3rd Party Tools

Sometimes taking the screenshot using keyboard shortcuts looks complicated, and you don’t have much control over the outcome. 3rd party tools helps users to customize the screenshot and let them take screenshot according to their choice.

Windows Snipping Tool: It is a built-in tool in Windows 10 that helps you take customized screenshots. You only need to open the tool from the Windows Search and select the range of screenshot options that you usually don’t get in the screenshot using keyboard shortcuts.

Snagit: it is one of the famous utilities for taking screenshots. It provides you a bundle of options, including editing the captured image while giving them the final touch with texts, GIFs, and options for sharing the images on social platforms.

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Where Are My Screenshots Saved?

For Windows, when taking the screenshot using a keyboard, they directly get stored in This PC > Pictures > Screenshots. However, for Windows 10 and Windows 11, taking the screenshot using only the Print Scr button can get a copy into the clipboard. You need to open the Paint app or directly paste on Apps like Microsoft Word to save the copied screenshot.

If you have taken the screenshots using any third-party tool, the exact location can vary depending on the software. However, you can select the saved location and change it from the settings.

On Mac, the screenshot does not get stored on any internal directory. You can find the screenshot saved on the desktop.

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