How to Remove Keys from Keyboard Without Tool

Cleaning the keyboard is a routine task for most people, but it gets annoying when you don’t know how to remove keys from keyboard. For a complete cleaning action, it is necessary to remove the keys and clean the debris underside of the keyboard’s keycaps. However, most people don’t know the removal of keycaps from the top for effective cleaning. The cleaning under the key is necessary, especially when you spoil something on the keyboard or it gets cluttered with food crumbs or even dirt particles. We will explain in detail about removing the keycaps with and without the help of tools for effective and thorough cleaning while giving you some essential tips to save time and effort.

How to Remove Keys from Keyboard

When it comes to deep cleaning and removing any debris leftover from the keyboard surface and under the keycap, removing the keys can help you a lot. It is easy to work for the experts and people familiar with this drill. However, it can get challenging for people who have no experience with key removal from the keyboard.

Two methods can help you remove the key from the keyboard. One involves using the tools to remove the keycap, such as the key puller. The second method is quite simple as it does not include any tool and only needs the right amount of force on the keycap to reveal the keys switches in the mechanical keyboard.

Let’s jump onto each method and see how to remove keys from keyboard without breaking them for cleaning or replacing the keycap.

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How to Remove Keys from Keyboard without Tool

If you are going to clean the mechanical keyboard or change the keycap, removing the keycap is straightforward without needing the tool. You can use the key puller for your convenience, but using the fingers properly can help you achieve the same purpose. Here are the steps you can take to remove the keys from the keyboard without any tools.

  • Detach the keyboard from the computer and place it on the flat surface.
  • Press the adjacent keys from the key you want to remove with the help of your thumb or fingers.
  • Now grip the key from the sides and firmly apply the force to pull it out from the keyboard.
  • Ensure applying slight force at the start and gradually increase the pressure till the key gets removed from the switch. 

Note: Don’t overuse the force on the keycap as it can damage the mechanical switches of the keyboard. There are RGB and PCB boards on the switches which are sensitive, so they can get damaged upon applying extra force. If you are confused, you can read the above instructions on how to remove keys from keyboard safely again to improvise it precisely. Otherwise, using ta tool can help you in a better way. 

How to Remove Keys from Computer Keyboard using Tools

Removing the keys from the computer using the tools is easier than the conventional methods. However, it requires great attention to the details and using the tools correctly to prevent any damage to the keys and area underneath it. To remove the keys from the computer using the tools, you only need a flat head screwdriver or any sharp object that can sneak underneath the keycap without damaging the peripheral areas. 

The process involves removing the keycap and cleaning it, then placing it back in its place. Here are the easy steps on how to remove keys from keyboard to clean and then put them back:

  • Use the flat screwdriver or knife to get under the key, pry it up, and pay attention to get as close to the center of the key for better action.
  • Now use a light force to pull the key up and detach it from the key retainer.
  • Clean all the keys in this way and clean the entire surface using a brush or any similar tool.
  • Once done with the cleaning, replace the keys by placing them on the key retainers and attaching them properly.

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