What Does A Keyboard Look Like?

This article aims to provide detailed information on what does a keyboard looks like. Moreover, we will also tell you about the uses of a keyboard and to use it correctly.

From advanced mobile phones to space rockets, man has amazed the world through uncountable technologies. It is of no question that these technological advancements were possible because we could store and process information. And when it comes to storing and processing data, a computer is the first thing that comes to our minds.

So today, we will look at the essential part of a computer required for data input, i.e., a keyboard.

What Does A Keyboard Look Like & Used For?

A keyboard is a data entering device. It is one of the primary input devices used to enter data into the computer. It is widely used in offices, educational, and research institutes to input and store data.

A keyboard also contains numbers and other mathematical keys that can be used for calculations. And that’s why keyboards are used in shopping malls and business companies for calculations.

A keyboard also has special keys and characters, such as punctuation marks, that help text.

What Does A Standard Keyboard Look Like?

A keyboard is used to put information with the help of multiple keys provided on it. A keyboard looks like a typewriter. It has both numbers and letters.

A standard keyboard has number keys on the top. These number keys can also be found on the right corner of the keyboard.

On the very top, you will find function keys from F1 to F12. These keys have specific functions from refreshing to searching.

The alphabetical keys comprise three rows. The top row, also known as the QWERTY row, is the first row. The second or middle row is also known as the home row. It is where your fingers rest when you are not typing. And the third row is called the bottom row.

A standard keyboard is also known as a QWERTY keyboard because of the sequence of the first six alphabets of the top row.

Below the bottom row is the row that contains the space bar, Ctrl, and Alt keys. Besides these keys, you will also find the arrow keys. The arrow keys help you scroll the page up and down.

On the leftmost side of the keyboard, you will find the Tab, Caps Lock, and Shift keys.

If you are using a PC, you will have a separate mouse. However, the mouse keypad will be provided below the keyboard if you are using a laptop.

Keyboard Ports

Besides the keys, you can also find ports and interfaces that help connect different devices to your laptop via keyboard. You can find these ports on both the right and left sides of the keyboard. For example, you will find a place to attach your hands-free or headphones on the left side. On the right side, you can find multiple ports for connecting mouse, keyboard, USB, data cable, HDMI cable, microphone, and so on.

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How To Use A Keyboard?

Using a keyboard isn’t tricky at all, given you know what functions a specific key performs. As a keyboard is for typing, you first need to decide where you want to type. This is where the cursor comes into play. A cursor appears as an arrow on the screen. With the help of the mouse or laptop mouse pad, you will drag the cursor and click the line where you want to enter your text.

You can press the Caps Lock key for capital or uppercase letter. Alternatively, you can also press the Shift key and type while keeping it pressed.

For symbols on the number keys, press the number key and the Shift key simultaneously.

The space bar puts spaces between words. Press it once to put a single space.

The enter key shifts your cursor to the next row. Alternatively, the backspace key removes the alphabets already written.

The Tab key provided on the left side puts a larger space than the space bar. You can use it for starting a paragraph or formatting your document.


The ever-increasing information in the world demands storage devices, and storage devices are useless without input devices. A keyboard is one such device. Therefore, it is also called a primary input device.

A keyboard looks like a typewriter. It has multiple keys that help input data into the computer or laptop style gaming keyboards. The keyboard keys are divided into the number keys, the alphabet keys, and the function keys. Besides these, you can also find some symbols and punctuations. All these keys provide the writer with everything he needs to type efficiently.

You can use our guide on how to use a keyboard to understand the functioning of a keyboard.


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